2/16/21 Quiz

Remember, PSK applies to all scrimmage kicks other than a try or successful field goal.  If a field goal attempt is unsuccessful, then post-scrimmage kick enforcement does apply, just like after any other scrimmage kick that crosses the expanded neutral zone.  So, a foul by Team R during a missed FG could be a PSK enforcement.  A successful field goal does not qualify for PSK because Team R is not in possession at the end of the down. Team K remains in possession for the free kick (kick off). 
Fouls during scoring plays will be discussed tomorrow!
#2)  Fourth and five at the R-24. While a field goal attempt is in flight, R46 twists K23s face mask at the R-16. The unsuccessful kick goes out of bounds through Team R's end zone.
RULING: The down cannot be replayed. If the penalty is accepted, the basic spot for PSK enforcement is the R-20.  The penalty is enforced half-the-distance from the spot of the foul (the R-16) because the foul is by Team R behind the basic spot. It will be Team R's ball, first and 10 from the R-8
Post-scrimmage kick enforcement is also an exception to the "clean hands" rule! It is as if Team K relinquishes possession and Team R gains possession when the ball is kicked.  When both teams commit live-ball fouls on a scrimmage kick play, a double foul can be avoided if Team R's foul qualifies for post-scrimmage kick enforcement. In such a case, Team R may elect to keep the ball provided they decline the penalty for Team K's foul.
In other words, “clean hands” usually means Team R got possession of the ball without fouling before the change of possession.  But, if the Team R's foul "before the change of posession" qualifies for PSK, then it is as if Team R got the ball with “clean hands”.
#1)  After Team K snaps from the 50 yard line using an illegal formation, R45 fields K2's punt at the R-14 and returns it to the R35. While the kick is in flight beyond the expanded neutral zone, R62 clips at the R-20.
RULING: Team R may keep the ball by declining the penalty for Team K's foul. The penalty for R62's foul will then be marked off via post-scrimmage kick enforcement. This foul satisfies all the necessary conditions. The basic spot is the end of the kick, the R-14. Since R62's foul occurs beyond the basic spot, the penalty is enforced from the basic spot. Team B is penalized half-the-distance to their goal line, from the R-14 to the R-7. Where R45's run ends is of no significance.

Quiz 2 16 2021
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