2/19/21 Quiz

#1)  On a play where A3 throws a touchdown pass. B22 is flagged for holding B75 is called for roughing the passer.
RULING: In both cases, the touchdown counts and the penalty (A will choose the 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer) may be enforced either on the try or the succeeding kickoff.
#2)  Bl intercepts Al 's pass and returns the interception for a touchdown. After the change of possession, A2 commits a personal foul during the return. Later during the return, Bl commits an unsportsmanlike foul for taunting.
RULING: B can keep the score and will have the option to enforce Al’s foul on the try or on the succeeding free kick. Team A will then have the option to accept the penalty for Bl's unsportsmanlike conduct and enforcing on the try or succeeding free kick.  These fouls should be enforced separately and in order of occurrence.  The yardage penalties will never offset as one is a live ball foul and the other is an unsportsmanlike which is penalized as a dead ball foul.
#3)  Third and 10 at the A-30 A67 holds at the A-25 as A12's pass is intercepted by B23 and returned for a touchdown.
RULING: Team B will accept the touchdown. The penalty for the hold will be declined; it cannot be enforced as it occurred before the change of possession.

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