2/9/21 Quiz

Dead Ball Fouls on Both Teams
Tip = "Always determine the line to gain first...then read the rest of the question." - Nate Weiss

#1)  With third and 8 on B’s 40, Al4 advances to B’s 35 where he is downed. Bl piles on and, almost immediately thereafter, A14 punches Bl.
RULING: The distance penalties for the dead fouls cancel. The down counts; it will now be fourth and 3 from B’s 35.  A14 shall be disqualified for fighting.
#2)  A has the ball, third and 6 from B’s 45-yard line and runner Al is driven out of bounds at B's 35-yard line. Following the play, a fight breaks out involving Al, A2, and B2. All three players are flagged for their involvement in the fight.
RULING: The distance penalties for one of the fouls against Team A and the one foul against Team B cancel. The remaining distance penalty against Team A is enforced. Since the live-ball action gave A a new series, the line to gain shall be established after A is penalized for the remaining foul. This results in a first and 10 for A at the 50-yard line. Al, A2, and B2 are disqualified for fighting.

Quiz Feb 9
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