​February 3rd  SDCFOA Football Season Update.

February 4th Weekly Bull sent out. Update on football season.

February 5th New 2021 High School Rules update.

February 5th  Sad News Bill Tellous longtime football official passes away.

February 6th Weekly Bull Update

February 8th Short Quiz

February 9th Short Quiz

February 10th Short Quiz

February 11th Short Quiz 

February 11th SDCFOA-OCFOA "Plays of the Week Episode 2 Video.

February 12th Notes on Clean Hands 

February 13th Football Update and PSK Hand outs

February 15th Short Quiz

February 16th Short Quiz

February 17th Quiz

February 18th Hand Out: Fouls and Scoring Plays

February 19th Football Update

February 19th Short Quiz

February 20th Football Update

February 23th Weekly Bull

February 24th Football Update

February 24th Board Meeting @ 6:30pm via Zoom conference call

February 25th SDCFOA Addendum

February 26th News article and interview with Kevin Haws