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This Week’s Meeting Agenda – This week we will be conducting our usual video study but will be focusing on rules study using the Federation Rules Part I Summer Study Materials.  Have them completed and ready to discuss this Wednesday.


Bonus Meetings – Last week, our umpires were instructed in the latest mechanics and rules philosophy by Garth DeFelice from the NFL and the position coordinator for the PAC 12.  The session was outstanding and over 60 officials attended.  In addition to Garth’s session, we had over 100 flanks and 70 back judges attend the meetings with Manuel Alonzo, veteran PAC 12 and bowl game veteran.  Thank you to Garth and Manuel for “giving back” to your association!


Final Bonus Meeting – this one’s for the referees!  Join Chris Wiggins for on-the-field mechanics followed by Steve Coover and penalty enforcement FUN!  Wednesday September 4th on the field at West Hills at 7:00pm.


Helmet Add-On Products – The State CIF has received additional information and retracted its initial position on this issue.  Helmet add-on products are now legal to be used.  The following is take directly from the State CIF Notification Letter which was forwarded to me by San Diego CIF on 8/16/13.  It reads:


“Given the NOCSAE position that these helmet add-on products “voids the certification of compliance with the NOCSAE standard,” the CIF prohibited their use in athletic contests. However, a second statement from NOCSAE dated August 8, 2013 and received by the CIF on August 14, 2013 has caused the CIF to retract its initial position. The following excerpts from this second NOCSAE statement read:


“The addition of an item(s) to a helmet previously certified without those item(s) creates a new untested model. Whether the add-on product changes the performance or not, the helmet model with the add-on product in no longer ‘identical in every aspect’ to the one originally certified by the manufacturer. When this happens, the manufacturer which made the original certification has the right, under the NOCSAE standards, to declare its certification void. It also can decide to engage in additional certification testing of the new model with the add-on product, but is not required to do so.”


Since the CIF has not been made aware of a manufacturer which has declared a certification void, it has reverted to its position of August 2012 which allows for the use of these helmet add-on products. If, in the future, one or more manufacturers decide to void a certification, the CIF will revisit this issue.”


No Use of Video During Contests – Although the use of video during a contest has been approved at the national level, the San Diego CIF Green Book clearly states that the use of video during a contest is prohibited.  The CIF Green Book “trumps” the national ruling so the use of video during a contest is illegal by CIF rule, just as it has always been.


10 Yard Restricted Area During Team Warm Ups – At the last CIF Football Advisory Meeting, I brought up the idea of a 10 yard restricted area during team warm ups that would stretch from the 45 to the 45.  This restricted area would be established following the “early out’s” warm ups.  Once one or both teams assemble for their full-team warm up, the 10 yard restricted area will be established and at least one game official will occupy that area during the entire team warm-up period.  This is consistent with NFL and NCAA pregame procedures.


San Diego Schools vs Out-of-San Diego Schools – All San Diego Section CIF rules and interpretations will be in effect for the visiting school.  Those include mandatory overtime at the varsity level, the use of the 25 yard line overtime procedure (vs the 10 yard NFHS overtime procedure), no use of video, and the interpretation of the ball having left the free blocking zone immediately at the snap when the offense is in pistol or shotgun (thus not BBW or clipping).


Out-of-San Diego Schools vs Out-of-San Diego Schools Playing in SD – The Honor Bowl will feature out-of-town competitors and our referees will be informed of any section differences prior to the game.


Jerseys and Pants – As we’ve been doing, work with the teams and the athletes to keep the knees covered by knee pads and shoulder pads covered by jersey.  These uniform issues must be monitored and players reminded to “pull them down.”  For knee pads it’s easy.  For shoulder pads, ask the player next to the one whose jersey needs to be pulled down to do the job.


Tape on Wrists – Like with other special tape jobs, we are assuming that the tape is there to protect an injury.  Don’t investigate, please.  Same with tape on shoes, assume it is to protect an injury.


Intentional Grounding – This call belongs to the referee.  No other official can make this call.  BUT, all officials must report information to the referee that will help him make the correct call.  Point at eligible receiver in your area if the ball is in his area.  Go in to the referee if you do not have an eligible receiver in the area of a thrown pass.  Umpires are now spinning on every pass!  You too can have important info.  Either point, or go in with a report of no receiver.

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