2-6-2 Diagram

2-6-2 When a team's request for a charged timeout is granted, the teams shall use one of two types of authorized team conferences. The "between 9-yard mark conferences" (MechaniGram A) involve one coach on the field to confer with no more than 11 players at his team's huddle between the hash marks. The "outside 9-yard mark conference" (MechniGram B) consists of one or more team members and one or more coaches directly in front of the team box within 9 yards of the sideline.

2-6-2 When an injury occurs and the referee grants an authorized conference, it must be an  "outside 9-yard mark conference" (MechaniGram A). If the injured player is outside the 9-yard marks but in front of the team box, the conference must still be conducted outside the 9-yard marks and in front of the restricted area but away from the injured player (MechaniGram B). That will give medical personnel time and space to address the injured player.