9-4-3i-3 Diagram

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) A new definition for a defenseless player has been added. A defenseless player is a player who, because of his physical position and focus of concentration, is especially vulnerable to injury.

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) After a kick (PlayPic A) a kicker who has not had a reasonable amount of time to regain his balance after the kick (PlayPic B) is a defenseless player. 

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) A pass receiver attempting to catch a pass or a pass receiver who has clearly relaxed when the player has missed the pass or feels he can no longer catch the pass, is considered defenseless. 

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) A kick receiver attempting to catch or recover the ball is considered defenseless.

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) A player who is on the ground is considered defenseless.

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) A runner already in the grasp of an opponent and whose forward progress has been stopped is defenseless. Contact on the runner could also be considered targeting.

2-32-16; 9-4-3i(3) B6 has been chosen not to participate further and is obviously out of the play. He is considered to be defenseless.