Proposed Revision to the SDCFOA By-Laws


The SDCFOA Board of Directors approved a revision to the Association By-Laws.  In order for the By Laws to be revised it requires the membership to approve the revision.
This revision will be voted on at the First general meeting of the Association in July.
The revision is the addition of Section 2 to Article Ten and the renumbering of the remining following Section.
The revision is presented below. All changes are reflected in BOLD Print.  Please review and be prepared to vote on this revision.

Section 1. Dues, Turnback Fees and Assessments shall be determined and levied by the Board and are non-refundable unless attaining Board approval. Membership shall be advised of such fees and assessments on an annual basis. 
Section 2. It is the Board’s intention to cover the cost of the banquet with general association funds. However, the Board reserves the right to implement a banquet fee should the need arise. 
Section 3. Certified members’ dues are required to be paid not later than a date determined by the Board prior to the annual crew draft, in order to be eligible for the draft. The Executive Secretary will notify the membership via Arbiter, or other comparable web-based assignment program, and post it on the Association website, after such date is determined by Board action. 
Section 4. Turnback fees are due to the appropriate assignment secretary not later than two weeks after turning back any assignment or missing an assignment. Failure to pay turnback fees will preclude that member from selection to any post season assignment. Such members must pay outstanding turnback fees in full prior to the following years’ draft in order to be considered draft eligible. 
Section 5. Assignment secretaries shall notify the Board of all officials who have outstanding turnback fees after the two-week period. 

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