1 – Free Kick Infraction – If a K player is ore than 5-yards behind the restraining line and any other player kicks the ball, it is a foul.


2 – Illegal Formation – Team A may not have more than 4 players in the backfield.  In this case, because the foul is so clear and obvious, it must be penalized.  If a wide receiver was to split out and be only slightly back, we could warn, correct the problem and inform the coach.  The right tackle in this play appears to be back slightly too far.  This would be an example of warn the player, correct the problem and inform the coach.


3 – Illegal Blindside Block - In order for the offense to legally block from the blindside the blocker must set his body like a basketball screen, or lead with his open hands.  Although the force in this block is not outrageous, it is sufficient to warrant a foul.


4 – Legal Blindside Block – This is an example of a blindside block being executed with open hands.  This technique makes the block completely legal.


5 – Legal Block Below the Waist – The blocker and the defender are in the free blocking zone, the block is executed in the free blocking zone, both players are linemen, and the block is an immediate, initial block following the snap.


6 – Holding – This is an example of a hook and then grab and restrict at the point of attack.  A material restriction is observed by the official and it is judged to be an advantage illegally gained.


7 – By Philosophy, No Holding – But if you did call holding, the call could/would be supported as there is a definite grab/hook and restrict at the point of attack.  But, there is equal argument that by the time the foul rises to the level of a clear restriction, the ball carrier is past the block.  This is an example of a 50/50 call and by philosophy we try to avoid calling fouls when they are disputable.


8 – Excessive Contact to a Defenseless Receiver – In this tackle the attempt to punish the defenseless player must be penalized.  The only way to make this type of tackle legal is to strike the defenseless player at the waist, with his head/helmet to the side and make a form/wrap up tackle.


9 – Targeting – This is neither a blindside block nor a defenseless player.  As such the only other foul that would apply is either spearing (which it is not) or targeting (which it is).


10 – Personal Foul – This holding and “throwing down” of your opponent at the back side of a play is growing in popularity.  Calling holding away from the play is inconsistent with our holding philosophy.  Try warning early and then penalize as a personal foul.