Summer Study Questions

2021 SDCFOA Summer Study Rules Questions – These will be included in your packet, but since Scott Carroll started offering them in a quiz format that you can take on-line on any device, we’ve gotten strong, positive feedback to continue this format.  Thank you to Glenn Inigo and Kyle Takeo who put it together this season (helping out Scott).  So, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Glenn.
Glenn Inigo

PS – We will be taking all exams on-line this year, same as last year.  The Mechanics Exam will be ready in this same format very soon.  Good luck!
Keep Recruiting – This is the absolute best time to recruit.  Just tell them to go to and register.  All of the important information for a new official is available on our website!  1st Meeting is in 3 weeks.  New location:
Carmel Valley Middle School
3800 Mykonos Lane
San Diego, 92130
Our schedule is attached!  Thank you for recruiting one (1) new member!!!! - Steve

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MEETINGS 2021 Updated
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