History of SDCFOA

The San Diego County Athletic Officials Association was created in 1915 to provide officials for High School and small College sports. The Association would later break up into individual Associations for each sport, creating the San Diego County Football Officials Association.

For several years, the SDCFOA was affiliated with the Southern California Football Officials Association for Instructional Program purposes. In 1960, it was felt that the Instructional Program might be better organized and conducted if it were handled locally. It would also be financially beneficial since SDCFOA was paying SCFOA for materials.

In 1974, the Board of Directors decided to form crews for Varsity games. For the first few years, the crews were assigned by a committee of the Board and then the concept for a draft came about. Every June a draft is held with each crew chief selecting his own 5-man crew for that year.

Over the years we have had 8 members that went on to work in the NFL, with over 25 in Division I and several others currently working Division III and Jr. College football. 

Association membership has grown over the years from roughly 100 in the mid-70s to the approximately 300 we have now. We have grown into 36 crews and now service 100+ High Schools.

Past High School Rosters

Past NCAA Rosters

Past Crew Drafts