2023 Calendar 


January 16th Information Update

January 19th Information Update


February 6th Information Update

February 22nd Board Meeting 6:30 Calvin Christian School
                                                         2000 North Broadway Escondido, CA 92026

February 23rd Information Update


March 17th Information Update

March 22nd Information Update

March 29th 6:30 pm Calvin Christian School 2000 North Broadway Escondido, CA 92026


April 1st Information Update

April 14th Marlow Fitzgerald for being selected by the National Football Foundation as the Official of the Year.                      The dinner and awards will be at the Doubletree Hotel in Hazard Center 


April 15th Information Update

April 26th 6:30 pm Calvin Christian School 2000 North Broadway Escondido, CA 92026

April 30th Information Update


May 3rd Information Update

May 7th Information Update

May 10th Information Update

May 14th Information Update

May 15th Last day to pay dues. 

May 17th 6:30 pm Calvin Christian School 2000 North Broadway Escondido, CA 92026

May 31st Weekly Bull


June 3rd The 2023 Association Draft at Calvin Christian High School 2000 N. Broadway, Escondido.

June 6th Weekly Bull

June 14th Weekly Bull

June 15th Weekly Bull

June 19th Weekly Bull

June 25th Weekly Bull


July 5th General Meeting W/NFL’s Don Carey, Kits and Association Updates

                   Weekly Bull Part 1

                   Weekly Bull Part 2

July 7th Information Update

July 12th 1st & 2nd Year Classes Only - *LOS Zoom Clinic – Stabile PAC-12 & Hoslett MWC Watch Video

Weekly Bull

July 14th Information Update

July 19th Mechanics Summer Study, Fundamentals & Video Instruction

Weekly Bull 

July 26th 1st & 2nd Year Classes Only - *U& R Zoom Clinic – Mothershed PAC-12 & DeFelice NFL Watch Video                            Weekly Bull

July 29th The CIF will present Officiate California Day!

                   Below is the link to the Officiate California Day webpage, with conference and hotel information. We                     look forward to having you join us in Riverside.



August 2nd Rules Study & Video Instruction - Mechanics Exam (On-Line)

Weekly Bull

August 2nd to August 7th Mechanics Rules Test. The link is below:


August 9th   1st & 2nd Year Classes Only - * BJ Zoom Clinic – Carey NFL & Halby SCIAC

Zoom Clinic Handout

Weekly Bull

Information Update

August 11th Clinics (1st & 2nd year) & Scrimmages (Assigned Through Arbiter by Tom Ables)

August 16th Rules Study & Video Instruction – Rules Exam (On-Line)

Weekly Bull

August 23rd      Weekly Bull

August 30th Rules Study & Video Instruction

                            Weekly Bull

August 31st End date when Candidates for Appointed Officers must submit their names to Executive Secretary

It is that time of the year when the BOARD is accepting applications for the Appointed Officer positions.  As you all know the term of office for the following positions is one year: 
Assignment Secretary
Executive Secretary
Instructional Chairman
Any member wishing to apply for any of these positions must notify both the President, MATT STARR and the Executive Secretary Ed Zapolski of their desire to seek that position.
Application must be received by 31 August 2023.  


September 6th Weekly Bull

September 13th Rules Study & Video Instruction (Board Meeting @ 5:30pm)

Weekly Bull

September 20th Weekly Bull

September 26th SD County Sports Officials Hall of Fame Annual Induction Dinner

                               Inductee for SDCFOA - Admiral Baker Golf Course

                               Frank Mannen inductee for SDCFOA & Chuck Guy (Military)

                               Ticket information at: http://www.sandiegosportsofficialshof.com/

                              See Inductees

September 27th (Zoom if MMHS Open House) Rules Study & Video Instruction


October 1st End Date when Candidates for Board of Directors may submit their names to Nominating                                          Committee

October 11th 2nd General Meeting, Primary Elections, Rules Study & Video Instruction

October 25th Final Elections (if necessary), Rules Study & Video Inst., SDCFOA Survey (on-line)


November 1st Golf Tournament and Banquet

November 3rd CIF - 1st Round Playoffs

November 8th Make Up Zoom Meeting

November 15th 7-Man Mechanics Workshop for Semifinals and Finals Crews