2022 Instructors

The list of instructors who have over 400 years of on-field experience.

Weekly Bull

Steve's Weekly Bulls and Updates.

Official Forms

Forms for officials regarding ejection procedures, coaches' cards and foul reports.

Officials Library

SDCFOA wants to acknowledge the countless contributions of the individuals who have provided wisdom and guidance to our association. Without their "giving back" we would be missing out on all that they learned from those who officiated with and before them! It is our sincere hope that this manual "institutionalizes" many of the lessons passed down from generation to generation!

Study Guides

2021 Rules and Mechanic tests and study guides.

2021 Instructional Packet: 

The following items are included with the instructional packet given out at the general meeting: 

Will be Updated for 7/2022

Weekly Bull

Classroom Assignments

2021 Summer Study Guide Questions

2021 Summer Study Guide Answers

2021 SDCFOA Mechanics Test Questions

2021 SDCFOA Mechanics Test Answers

2021 New Mechanics

2021 Observation Checklist