Rule and Case Book

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2021 Youth Football Rules 

The two San Diego County Football Conferences (San Diego and Palomar) are governed by two different groups. San Diego (South County) is now American Youth Football and they will use the National High School Federation Rule Book as modified by the American Youth Football Rules below. Palomar (North County) is still associated with Pop Warner. Although their coaches have the Pop Warner Rule Book, they still use the modifications set forth below.

Mechanics Manual

The Mechanics Manual was first published in 2018. It has everything you need to know about required uniforms and equipment, game administration, chain crew, and clock operator instructions. It covers 3, 4, and 5 person mechanics as well as the philosophies to elevate the standards of officiating. The individuals from the past and present have provided guidance for the many lessons learned and passed down from generation to generation.

2020-2021 Mechanics and Philosophies Manual

3-Person Mechanics 

4-Person Mechanics

5-Person Mechanics

General Instructions for Clock Operators

40-25 Second Play Clock Guidelines

Chain Crew Instructions

O2O Radio Protocol

For Semi-Finals, Finals and All-Star Game:

7-Person Mechanics

Referee Microphone Guidelines