Scholarships for Military Veterans

On behalf of the SDCFOA, and our families, we want to thank you for your service!


Battlefields 2 Ballfields, also called B2B, provides military veterans an opportunity to participate with their communities through our Sports Officiating Scholarships. This program was founded in 2017 and is still run by Mike Pereira.  Serving in the military, and in officiating, there is a common bond of being a member of a team and creating order out of chaos. B2B provides veterans with an opportunity to use their newfound officiating skills while participating in something that will give them a sense of Youth Sports involvement and earning a little extra money.  


B2B will pay for the uniforms and dues associated with the veteran who is starting out with our Association for up to three years. This program also includes training materials, insurance, and a subscription to Referee Magazine.


The partnership between B2B and the San Diego County Football Officials Association remains one of the strongest in the country!   


Welcome to this special program as we are honored to provide it to our current and retired veterans. 


For additional information please reach out to the San Diego County B2B representatives:

Tyler Lindsay

(619) 672-6837

Joe Magnuson

(760) 504-6934