Bill Tellous


It is with deep regret that I inform you of the loss of one of our SDCFOA Hall of Fame members, Bill Tellous.  It is our understanding from the family that Bill died Wednesday morning at home due to congestive heart failure.  The plan for now is for some of his ashes to be spread at crystal pier with family present, but his may take a while due to overwhelmed mortuaries.  We will report any plans to celebrate Bill’s amazing life.  To say Bill Tellous was “one of a kind” is an understatement.  He truly was one of San Diego’s greatest athletes and officials.  Here is an excerpt from his Hall of Fame Bio:

Bill Tellous – Hall of Fame Basketball and Football Official – Class of 2008

Bill played football, basketball, and baseball at La Jolla High School.  He continued basketball and football with a scholarship at San Diego State University.  Bill as active in both the San Diego Basketball Association and the San Diego Football Officials Association where he was the Executive Secretary/ Treasurer for 20 years in the basketball association and 30 years in the football association.  Bill worked all levels in both football and basketball from CIF to NCAA.
As you can tell from the attached photo, if you were a rookie referee and Bill was your umpire, you could do NO WRONG!  He had your back!  God speed, Bill Tellous! - Steve

Bill Tellous letter written to the board regarding the amount of turnback's and possible penalty. He was "One of a kind".