Board of Directors Nominees

We have a General Meeting of the Association on Wednesday 13 October. At this meeting the candidates for the four positions on the Board of Directors will address the membership.
The final election will be held on 27 October. This year’s election will be conducted at the meeting with paper ballots.
The candidates for the BOARD are as follows:

Gerald Burgos

SDCFOA Member since 1999

SDCFOA Board Member – first attempt!

SDCFOA is elite due to the caliber and commitment of the people; those before and current.  Sadly, I have seen a shift in our organization; there is greater separation between the haves and have-nots.  I wholeheartedly believe this separation is a contributing factor to membership decline.  Unfortunately, some of those members we lost were seasoned, skilled, valuable and our friends.

As a Board member, my agenda is to serve the entire membership, so that we can get SDCFOA back on course.  I will work tirelessly for each of you.  I can be a mentor, a confidant, or simply a person to exchange ideas with.  If an item needs to be addressed, I will ensure the issue is tactfully brought forward and fully addressed.  I will ensure any feedback is delivered back accordingly.

This is our association, and we all need to be heard.  I’m asking for your vote!

Corey Butts

SDCFOA Member since 2015

Currently Officiating: Junior College, San Diego CIF

I’m honored to be selected as a candidate to represent the SDCFOA board. This association has helped me grow and develop into not only a great official, but a great teammate and better all-around person. Being in this association has giving me an opportunity to give back to the game I love. Giving back is what it’s all about and when the opportunity arises you must jump on it. I will help you ensure that as an association we continue to get better, continue to recruit good officials that will become great officials, and be an impact in our communities the best way we can. Thank you for your consideration and your vote!

Brandon Chavez

SDCFOA member since 2002

SDCFOA Board Member – 1 previous term

Currently Officiating: San Diego CIF, Youth

Throughout my 20 years in the SDCFOA, I have enjoyed working youth games on Saturdays almost as much as Friday nights because I enjoy helping newer officials starting their careers. I had great mentors and teachers, and I’ve tried to follow their example. In my first term on the Board, I carried over this mindset advocating for what I believe is the best thing for our high school and youth officials. New ideas include a mentorship program and more member feedback for the meetings and materials. I believe we should also support college officials, but not at the expense of our high school and youth programs. If I earn your vote for a second term as a Board member, I will continue to challenge our elected and appointed leaders to do what is right for the entire Association.

George Conley Jr., DBA, ThD

SDCFOA Member since 2007

Currently Officiating: Junior College – SCFA and San Diego CIF

I enjoy being a member of the SDCFOA because our association has given me an opportunity to give back to the game that I love. As a Board member, I will stand by the core values that I lived by during my 30 years of military service which are HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT. I hold a Doctorate in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Theology. I consider myself as a life-long learner. I currently work for the Department of Navy as a Ship Superintendent. I’m also an adjunct professor at Southwestern College, Apollos University, Westcliff University, Grace University, University of the People, and Donovan State Prison. I am the Founder and CEO of Conley A.C.E. Foundation Inc., 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, that provides educational scholarships to underrepresented low-income students of color. I have served on numerous board and committees. I WILL WORK FOR YOU.

Quote to live by: “You don’t have to be sick to get better.”

Bob Flavin

SDCFOA 20 year Member

SDCFOA Current Board Member –  completing 1st term

San Diego County Football Official

I would appreciate your vote for the Board of Directors so I can continue to represent the officials in this association.  

For the last three years I have attended in person or virtually every Board meeting and have voted in the best interests of my fellow officials.

I try to understand what members want through small conversations at games and reaching out to members to understand what they want.

This is one way I try to give back to the association along with teaching new officials on Thursday and Saturday.

Lavil DeShan Franklin

I started officiating to see the kids I had coach play football in high school. By my 4th year I had gotten the chance to see the majority of the kids I had coached or known on the the field of play. Never did I think I would get a chance to see one of them on a college field. Accomplished that now, this year in my 8th year. So why am running for the board? Running for the board to give back for the dreams and goals this association has given the opportunity to accomplish. Why should you vote for me? Because I’m just like you chasing dreams and accomplishing goals.


Thank in advance for your vote. I will represent us all to the best of my abilities.

David Middleton

Rob Schaerer

SDCFOA Member since 2011

Currently Officiating: NCAA Division III - SCIAC, San Diego CIF

I’ve been officiating football since 2006 in multiple associations but have found SDCFOA to be the best run and well set up to help our new officials grow and progress. While I have yet to serve on the board, I’ve been attending meetings to learn more about our association and Board.

I believe my leadership would help keep SDCFOA running well for ALL members. We must strike a balance to support newer officials (and those who wish only to work youth and high school) but also continue to help those who wish to move further. As a new crew chief, I’ve been doing this from working with an official his first games ever (working multiple Saturdays of youth), to mentoring a first-time crew member while mentoring another younger crew member who wants to work college later.

Thank you for your consideration.