Information Update 1/16/23

2023 SDCFOA Annual Survey – Here is your last chance to provide feedback to the Board of the Association.  All responses are confidential.  The Survey will close February 15th.  We’ve already received 83 responses!
Marlow Fitzgerald National Football Foundation Official of the Year! – Congratulations to our own Marlow Fitzgerald for being selected by the NFF as the Official of the Year.  Pencil in the date of April 14th for the award banquet.  I will send out ticket information as soon as it is available.  Congratulations, Marlow!
Off-Season Rules Study – As we always say, it is best to have a group to study with as you increase your understanding when there are multiple individuals contributing to the conversations.  In that regard, Greg Truex from the Channel Coast organization in Ventura is hosting a series of study sessions on-line.  Here are the links to the 6 sessions which all begin promptly at 7:00 pm.
January 31st – Fouls During Running Plays
February 28th – Loose Ball Fouls (Backwards Pass, Fumble, Legal Forward Pass)
March 28th – Fouls During Free-kicks
April 25th – Fouls During Scrimmage Kicks
May 30th – Fouls During a Change of Possession
June 27th – Double and Multiple Fouls