Information Update 4/30/23

Please Register Now! - We are in the final phases of preparing for the draft which will kick off our 2023 season.  We need you all to register asap so we can estimate our numbers and create the maximum number of crews.  Thank you SDCFOA!!!

New Penalty Enforcement Chart – The NFHS Rules Committee has finally eliminated the 20-yard offensive holding foul on running plays.  Many coaches, fans and officials felt it was unfair to enforce the holding penalty from well-behind the line of scrimmage when the holding occurred in the backfield.  A number of scenarios had to be addressed by the committee including fouls by the defense.  For college officials, I think you will find these changes consistent with the enforcement rules at the NCAA level.  Several fouls are exempt from these new enforcements including: Illegal batting, illegal kicking, illegal participation (9-6-4a and g), and illegal forward passes are still enforced as a spot foul.  There is no change to fouls by the offense in the endzone resulting in a safety.

Penalty Enforcement Chart
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SDCFOA Information Update 4 30 23
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