Information Update 5/10/23

SDCFOA Information Update 5 10 23
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Latest Registration Numbers – We are making serious progress but still need to get 100% effort to recruit new members and for our certified officials to register by Monday May 15th to be eligible for the draft!
As of May 9th

128 – Certified (Thank you for adding to this draft eligible number!  Register NOW! PLEASE!)
9 – Second Year
2 – Transfers
8 – First Year
8 – Alumni
New Mechanics Manuals – Each kit will include a brand-new edition of the SDCFOA Manual of Mechanics and Philosophies.  We are proud to offer you this comprehensive collection of “state-of-the-art” mechanics, philosophies and suggested “best practices.”  Also included will be your 2023 Rule Book and Case Book.
Two New Rules Questions –
1. A, 1/10, A-20. QB A1 is sacked at the A-15. Right Guard A54 holds B90 at the A-16. The basic spot is:
A - Previous spot
B - End of the run
C - Spot of the foul
D - Succeeding spot

Answer: A
Emphasis: New rule for 2023. NFHS no longer wants to put teams in an insurmountable situation, therefore on running plays, fouls by A or B behind the line of scrimmage are enforced from the previous spot.  
2 - A, 1/10, A-40. QB A1 hands the ball to RB A21 at the A-36. A21 runs to the A-45 where he is tackled. During the run, A79 held B20 at the A-38. 
A) A, 1/22, A-28
B) A, 1/15, A-35
C) A, 1/20, A-30

Answer: C
Emphasis: New rule for 2023. Even though the end of the run was beyond the line of scrimmage, the foul occurred behind the line of scrimmage. The basic spot is the previous spot for fouls that occur behind the line of scrimmage.