Information Update 5/20/24

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SDCFOA Information Update - Steve Coover - May 20, 2024

Recruiting New Officials – It’s time to recruit new officials!  We have our first meeting on Wednesday July 10th at 7:00 pm at Mira Mesa High School so recruit your friends, neighbors, relatives or co-workers!  Don’t’ forget to recruit females as well.  They might just want to work Girls Flag but then gain confidence and work so tackle football as well.  Or maybe they know the game and are ready for tackle football right now!  Our best new officials always come from our own recruiting so start thinking about who you could invite to join. 
Twenty-Seven Crews This Year – The Board met on Thursday May 16th and voted unanimously to expand the number of crews from 25 to 27 crews.  New crew chiefs this year will be: Eric Stoffers, Levi Sumner, Leonard Blevins, John Gill, Corey Butts, and Glenn Inigo.  Stepping down this year were 4 crew chiefs: David Sibbet, Mark Halby, Mitch Villalpando, and Jacob Wittler.
Three Additional Make Up Crews – The Board also voted unanimously to use three referees from the Developmental List on a weekly basis as referees for three “make up” crews to work on Friday nights when needed.  The three developmental referees will be: Anthony Finney, Kyle Takao, and David Collins.  It is believed that this approach will limit the number of times a developmental crew chief is “pulled” from his crew.
The SDCFOA Will Provide All We Can – Again, the Board voted unanimously to allow Tom Ables to maximize our coverage on Friday nights.  Because of our outstanding recruiting and retention work, we will be expanding this year.  Make sure you keep yourself available on Friday nights all season long.  We need as many of you available as possible!
The Draft – The draft will be conducted on Saturday June 1st in the morning.  Even if you don’t get drafted, please keep your Fridays open so you can be utilized on one of the many “make up” crews.
1st NCAA Meeting – Our first NCAA Meeting will be held at Torrey Pines High School tomorrow night, May 21st at 6:30 pm.  Just park in front of the school and look for officials who are also attending as the actual room number is still not determined.  NCAA officials must first be outstanding high school officials.  If you rank high in the ratings and have been successful on your crews (usually about 5 years into your career, but can be quicker for some) come see if NCAA is a good move for your career.
Movement and Advancements in Our College Officials – Following changes to the PAC12 conference, plus other changes, attached is a current list of our NCAA Officials and their respective conferences.  Way to go SDCFOA!

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