Information Update 5/4/24

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SDCFOA Information Update - Steve Coover - May 4, 2024

Registration – All Certified officials must be registered by Wednesday, May 15th to be eligible for this year’s draft.  If you completed the 2nd year class with Don Carey, you are eligible to be drafted this year if you register for the 2024 season by May 15th.  We seem to be missing Yizack Arrellanes, Marcel Brown, Eric Davis, Carlos Gonzales, Alex Hessler, Greg Johnson, Kaymen Sneed, and Rey Stanley.  If you’ve just registered, my apologies.  But if you haven’t, register now, please.
Head Coaches and Athletic Directors – Tom Ables and I, (mostly Tom!) have created a Google Doc with an up-to-date listing of all ADs and Head Coaches with their email addresses.  If you do not have access through Google to that Doc, please let me (Coover) know.  Also, if you want a crew member to do the school contact job, let me know after the draft and I’ll give them access.  If you don’t have a Google account, then that might be your best option.
Wireless Microphone Google Doc – Same format as the Head Coach and AD Google Document, it should be shared with you all.  Again, if you want a crew member to have all of this information on system set ups and school site information, just let me know after the draft.
Food For Thought:
Play 1 – 1/10 at the team A 20-yard line.  QB A1 controls a direct snap and drops straight back to his own 15-yard line.  He is under a heavy rush when he throws a pass that is muffed by ineligible A2 at the team A 18-yard line while he is still within the lateral boundaries of the Free Blocking Zone (in the pocket).  There is no eligible receiver in the area. 
Ruling: (7-5-2d, 7-5-13 )  Intentional grounding only.  Although there are two fouls by rule (Intentional Grounding and Illegal Touching) it is an officiating standard that the Illegal Forward Pass (Intentional Grounding) which is enforced from the spot of the illegal pass which is most commonly behind the LOS.  This is a spot foul (not enforced from the previous spot (Rule 10-4-4c).  Illegal touching would be from the previous spot if touched behind the LOS.  Read these exceptions to the “previous spot” enforcement rule (Rule 10-4-4a-a-f)