Information Update 5/7/24

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SDCFOA Information Update - Steve Coover - May 7, 2024

Changes in Crew Chiefs – We’ve had four crew chiefs step down this year including: Jacob Wittler; Mitch Villalpando; Mark Halby; and David Sibett.  We want to thank them for all their professional leadership to the many crews they have led and for giving back to the Association for so many years!  The Board approved the recommendations of the Crew Chief Selection Committee and has named the following new crew chiefs: Leonard Blevins, John Gill, Eric Stoffers, and Levi Sumner.
Complete List of the Crew Chiefs – Here is the new list of the 25 crew chiefs:
Mike Allen
Mike Andrews
Robert Bezverkov
Leonard Blevins
Darrin Bronk
Gerry Burgos
Scott Carroll
Rick Christensen
Greg Covington
Mike Downing
Bob Duggan
Bob Flavin
Dave Garza
John Gill
Craig Gustafson
David Hardage
Robin House
Brian Mills
Charlton Lynch
Rob Schaerer
Ted Schiess
Matt Starr
Eric Stoffers
Levi Sumner
Nathan Thernes
Expanding the Number of Crews – The Board will be meeting on Thursday May 16th to discuss the expansion of the number of crews to as high as thirty (30) crews.  This is all determined largely by the number of eligible, certified officials who have registered and are eligible for the draft.  If you have not registered, do so NOW, please!  The following officials are currently on the developmental/supplemental list and would move to crew chief if we expand.  They would move up in this order:
1 – Corey Butts
2 – Glenn Inigo
3 – Anthony Finney
4 – Kyle Takeo
5 – David Collins
6 – Lavil Shaun Franklin
7 – Derrick Vassar
8 – Ben Boccoli
9 – Don Clay