Weekly Bull 6/14/23

All Weekly Bulls are sent from Steve Coover, the SDCFOA Instructional Chair

Please Recruit - Thank you everyone for your recruiting efforts and to Miles Bailey and Joe Greene for their leadership on the Recruiting and Retention Committee.  As of now we have 17 New Officials signed up and 19 2nd Year Officials returning from last year.  In addition, we currently have 7 transfers!  Now is the best time to recruit new officials and history is clear, our absolute best new officials come from the referrals of our membership.  Just refer them to our website at www.sdcfoa.org or have them contact Miles Bailey at 858-922-8943 (Cellular) or milesbailey619@yahoo.com.  Getting them signed up now is best for the new officials as they will begin receiving this Weekly Bulls immediately.  Remember: Our first meeting is fast approaching: Wednesday, July 5th at 7:00 pm at the Mira Mesa High School Theater.

New Rules PowerPoint and New Rules Summer Study Questions - Attached is a further condensed PowerPoint which just contains the details of the new high school rules for 2023.  Please download, and/or print the slides out (3 to-a-page?) for reference as I will be sending out 23 questions on the new rules tomorrow!  These 23 questions are taken directly from the Summer Study Exam and will be relevant to this year's Qualification Exam.  If you can answer these 23 questions correctly, then you will have covered approx. 1/4 of the Qualification Exam!  It really does work that way.  Get familiar with this PowerPoint and be ready for tomorrow's 23 questions!

Qualification Exams - First Year Officials do not take any exams!  Their focus should be on Mechanics plus those rules that apply to the positions they are assigned.  No exams for 1st year.  Second Year and Transfer officials will take the exams, so start your preparation with this PowerPoint and the 23 questions coming to you tomorrow.  You are expected to pass and our instructors will do all within their power to prepare you and get you a passing score.  Good luck!

Weekly Bull 6.14.23
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2023 NFHS Football Rules PPT New Rules
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