Weekly Bull 6/15/23

Twenty-Three Summer Study Questions (New Rules Only) – As promised, here are the 23 questions (attached) with separate answers and rule book citations.  I’m sorry you do not yet have your rule books, but I did provide you with the new rules PowerPoint yesterday which will help you with these question.  Good luck!
SDCFOA Youth Football Fund Scholarships Announced – If you go to our home page on the Youth Fund website at https://www.sdyouthfootballfund.org/ you will see pictures of our four 2023 scholarship recipients.  Your generous donations to our efforts to further serve the greater San Diego football community allowed us to award $8,500 to these four student-athletes.  Furthermore you can go to this link on the same website:  https://www.sdyouthfootballfund.org/scholarship-recipients/ to see all of those we’ve awarded over the years.  This is al a result of your charitable support on “Game Check Weekend”, as well as the golf tournament and the banquet.  Don’t forget to your company or organization involved in contributing or matching donations for the Fund.  The donation form can be found on our “How You Can Help” tab on the same website.  Game Check Weekend will be in October again this year, so get ready to “Give Back” and help others achieve within the game of football!
Coach Rob Gilster Retires – We have a tradition of recognizing legendary coaches when they retire after a long and distinguished career.  Coach Gilster definitely fits that criteria so our Association has invited Coach Gilster to join us in November, when he returns from his summer stay in Montana where he plans to reside half of the year.  He has agreed to attend our November 15th 7-Person Mechanics Meeting at Mira Mesa where we will offer our congratulations on a long-and-storied career of successful coach of the sport of football.  For those of you who know him more personally, I’ve included an invitation to attend an event at Valley Center HS in his honor on Sunday, June 25th.  The flyer is attached.

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