Weekly Bull 7/5/23 Part 2




  1. Introductions: Special Guests, Board Members, Crew Chiefs, Recruiting Committee, New 1st Year Members

  2. Message from the President – Matt Starr

  3. Annual Reports: Executive Secretary Ed Zapolski; Treasurer Terry Thompson; Assignment Secretaries Tom Ables, Bob Duggan & Brad Cowan; Banquet Chair Bob Hood

  4. Awarding of patches to newly certified members – Don Carey, Jimmy Christensen, Ed Blick

  5. SDCFOA Youth Football Fund – Mike Downing & Jake Minger

  6. Welcome Back Presentation – by Andy Castagnola (Big12 Replay Official)

  7. Adjourn to Classroom – Steve Coover

Points of Emphasis for 2023:

  1. Players properly equipped (Coaches Card)

  2. Helping the Runner

  3. Communication Between Coaches and Officials

  4. Game Management

2023 - New Rules:

1. Clarified That Towels Do Not Have to Be the Same Solid Color for Each Player

Player towels may contain one manufacturer’s logo and/or one school logo neither exceeding 2¼ square inches. Towels must be a solid color but now do not have to be the same solid color for each player. Towels may not be ball- or penalty-flag colored.

2. Clarified When a Player Is Inbounds After Being Out of Bounds

This change clarifies when a player is inbounds after being out of bounds. There is no change to any foul or subsequent penalty provisions, or any rules related to illegal participation or the provisions regarding eligibility to catch a pass.

3. Added A List of Criteria to Help Identify Players Who Should Be Defined as Defenseless Receivers

This change adds to the list of criteria to help identify players who should be defined as defenseless receivers related to application of unnecessary or excessive contact. This clarification should help game officials and coaches by defining allowable contact against defenseless receivers.

4. Intentional Grounding Exception Changed

This change permits the exception for intentional grounding to the first and only player to possess the ball after the snap ends.

5. Changes In Basic Spot Penalty Enforcement

This change restructures and clarifies the amendments to Rule 10 to eliminate the excessive penalty enforcements for offensive fouls that occur behind the line of scrimmage. This revision stipulates the basic spot for enforcement of fouls behind the line of scrimmage is the previous spot rather than the spot of the foul. Current penalties for illegal kicking, batting and participation fouls, and provisions for offensive fouls occurring in the end zone that may result in a safety remain intact.

A Behind Line of Scrimmage Behind Line of Scrimmage Previous Spot
A Behind Line of Scrimmage Beyond Line of Scrimmage Previous Spot
A Beyond Line of Scrimmage Behind Line of Scrimmage Previous Spot
A Beyond Line of Scrimmage Beyond Line of Scrimmage Foul Behind End of Run or Related Run - Spot of Foul
A Beyond Line of Scrimmage Beyond Line of Scrimmage Foul Advance of End of Run or Related Run - Succeeding Spot
B Behind Line of Scrimmage Behind Line of Scrimmage Previous Spot
B Behind Line of Scrimmage Beyond Line of Scrimmage Previous Spot
B Beyond Line of Scrimmage Behind Line of Scrimmage Succeeding Spot
B Beyond Line of Scrimmage Beyond Line of Scrimmage Succeeding Spot

2023 New Mechanics

1. LOCKER ROOM ACCESS – At the varsity level, one crew member will be assigned the responsibility of knowing the person(s) from the home team staff who will be available to open the locker room door at halftime (if the crew chooses to not stay on the field) and, most importantly, at the end of the game. (Page 8 – before Establishing Correct Game Time)

2. Page 80 Insert after …REFEREE always has the option of declaring the “old ball” ready for play if, for some reason, the “new ball” is not provided by the offensive team, and it is seriously delaying the ready for play.  This can commonly occur following an interception, or fumble, returned for a touchdown where teams are celebrating and a “new ball” is not being provided.  (We might start a new paragraph after this statement as we begin to discuss the flank and the “new ball”.

3. Page 8 Coin Toss – 8) Coaches are told that the captains are needed 5-minutes before kickoff.  That should be our standard, but can be adjusted to 3-minutes before kickoff if the National Anthem is before the coin toss. 

4. Page 40 - 7) During the National Anthem the crew will gather shoulder-to-shoulder in a straight line facing the flag.  The referee will either be in the middle of the formation or on the end.  After the coin toss, all officials will meet….

5. Page 90 changes the title to add halftime: HALFTIME, POST-GAME AND CREW SELF-EVALUATION – THE USE OF GAME VIDEO

6. Page 10 – PRE-GAME WARM UPS – Flank Officials – Rewrite 1) Flank officials will go together to introduce themselves and their crewmate to each of their head coaches explaining that we work as a pair and constantly communicate with one another.  Any information from the head coach can be easily shared with the opposite flank. Provide the Coach’s Card to your head coach at this time.

7. Also, Pre-game warmups – flank officials New 2) Flank Officials will have an Extra Coaches Card with an illegal equipment checklist on the back.  Each flank will quickly evaluate their team’s players to determine if players are missing equipment, wearing illegal equipment, wearing adornment, or wearing legal equipment illegally.  If so, the player’s number shall be noted on the card.  Should most players be wearing pants in a manner that does not cover the knees, then the flank official can just note “most players” on the card.  The flanks will present the completed cards to the umpire as soon as possible.

8. Also, Pre-game warmups – Umpire New 2) Alert the referee once you have received the completed Coaches Cards with noted equipment issues from both flanks.  Assist the referee as the two of you present the cards to the head coaches.  This is a separate meeting from the Coach’s Conference. 

9. Also, Pre-game warmups – Referee New 2) Once you have received the completed Coaches Cards with noted equipment issues from the umpire, present them to each head coach with assistance from the umpire.  Inform the coach that this is what we observed during the warm up period but we are just informing you now so that you are properly warned that if the players fail to correct the issues, they will be sent out of the game for one play.

10. Page 102 PLAYOFFS - An extra, alternate official will be assigned to each semi-final and championship game and will be compensated the same amount as a working crew member.  The alternate official will function as a member of the crew and will attend all pregame conferences with the officiating crew.  He/she will perform any additional assigned duties by the crew chief in the preparation of the crew.  The alternate will dress in full uniform ready to officiate, and shall wear black jacket or association pull-over when on the sideline so as not to be confused with an official on the field.  The alternate official shall wear O2O system with the crew.  The alternate official will be stationed with the chain crew and keep a mental record of the down, distance and line-to-gain.

Weekly Bull 7 5 23
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