Weekly Bull 8/16/23

Everyone Meets at Mira Mesa This Week! – All classes will meet this week.  1st year class will have their own agenda,  2nd year class will take attendance, update Clinics, review the Bull, Calibration, Instructional video plus take the Rules Exam in groups in the classroom.  Certified classes will do all of the above, but will take the exam on-line.  Don’t forget to share interesting plays and situations from the scrimmages.
Certified Officials (only) Rules Exam On-Line – Starting Monday, a link will go out to all certified officials inviting you to take your Rules Exam On-Line.  We will NOT be sending this exam out through the crew chiefs as we did last year.  The mechanics exam went so smoothly that we’ve chosen to do the rules exam the same way.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that officials complete the exam individually, but DO NOT SUBMIT.  Then meet, phone call, zoom with crew or other officials to review answers to the exam before submitting.  That way you can get questions answered and maximize your score and enhance your learning.  Good Luck!
It’s game week!  Are you ready for Friday Night Lights!  We must be ready from the opening kickoff and work our butts off through the final whistle.  Everyone is undefeated so the energy level will be extremely high.  Our energy level and concentration routines must match the game’s level.  You’ve all worked so hard in preparation.  Have a great night!
Send Foul Reports to Bezverkov – Send the tabulated fouls from your game to Robert so he can enter into the data base.  This will help us in our work so please have someone do this for your crew!  Thank you.
Fees – travel fee may be added to this amount
Varsity Referee = $90
Varsity Others = $88
JV/Frosh Referee = $78
JV/Frosh Others = $77
From Our Assignor – Accept your assignments.  Do so as soon as you get the notice from Arbiter.
Thank You From the First and Second Year Instructors – Every year our first year officials work their very first scrimmages with the outstanding guidance of some of our best crew members.  Then our second-year officials work their scrimmage with the help of more outstanding officials.  This year was no different!  Our regular crew members did another amazing job of educating, supporting, and helping to develop the 1st and 2nd year officials’ skills this past week.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Association and its membership! Don Carey, Ed Blick, Jimmy Christensen,
Video from Scrimmages – This is the most challenging week of the season for obtaining video.  Most everyone should have received video from their scrimmage.  Please let me know if you think you should have received a game that didn’t show up.  I’m sure I’ve screwed up somehow!  The coaches were the best they’ve ever been this year in sharing their scrimmage video with us.  Outstanding and much appreciated.  Now use it to get even better!
Non-Compliant Players – If you were to get into a situation where a player is being non-compliant with your directions, please do not grab or place your hands on that player.  Ultimately, you can penalize the player for unsportsmanlike behavior which places the player at risk of disqualification.  But, placing a hand on the player now opens up a very different conversation.
Drones – Just a reminder that the FAA and CIF do not allow drones to be flown over stadium events including football games.  If they fly beforehand to get shots for some other purpose, that’s fine.  But when we take the field, no drones.  If there are any issues with this directive, or any other part of game administration, please inform Steve Coover as he serves as our CIF Liaison.
SDCFOA Officer Positions – Association Officers are elected every year.  If you are interested in running for Secretary, Treasurer, Assignment Secretary, or Instructional Chair, please inform our President, Matt Starr, and our Executive Secretary, Ed Zapolski by August 31st.
Equipment from the Scrimmages – Some coaches requested that we enforce the rules for legal equipment during the scrimmages.  Others scrimmages were more casual and equipment issues were just pointed out by our officials.  Either way, the coaches are well aware of the procedure by now and we can begin the season with consistency.  Many reports were that the kids were well-uniformed and compliant.  A few reports were that the kids weren’t believing their coaches.  There were two players wearing knee braces over the pants.  They were told that the pants were to be worn over the top of the knee brace and the pants still needed to cover the knees.
Food for Thought – 4th and 4 with the ball on B’s 20-yard line.  Team A kicks a successful FG as time runs out.  During the play, B42 roughs the kicker.  What are the options?

Weekly Bull 8 16 23
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