The SDCFOA New Official Adviser Program

The SDCFOA is launching a brand new adviser program dedicated to making new members feel welcome and a part of the SDCFOA family. Veteran members will be paired with newer members to provide insight into the finer points of officiating, to help provide a clear path to becoming successful for years to come, and as a familiar face to seek advice and ask questions.

The goal of the program is to connect members, but it will be up to each pairing to decide how to make the most of the opportunity! Activities in the program can include the new official shadowing the adviser’s crew for a varsity game, working a youth Saturday together, one-on-one meetings/calls/texts, adviser sharing their crew’s cut-up with the new official, and anything else that can be helpful.

Participant Benefits

A successful adviser program provides opportunities for new members to:

  • Better understand the world of officiating and gain an experienced official’s perspective on applying rules and mechanics concepts to game situations

  • Develop their officiating goals (make a crew, youth crew chief, finals game, etc.) with a guide that can help outline a path to achieve them

  • Develop the first of many meaningful friendships with a fellow official over their first few seasons

An adviser program benefits veteran members by allowing them to:

  • Contribute to the development of future SDCFOA officials in beginning successful careers.

  • Improve their leadership and development skills - key strengths of our best HS and youth crew chiefs.

  • Give something back to the association (“pay it forward”).

Sample Timeline

  • Advisor-New Official Pairings should formally last one football season, typically late August/early September through late November/early December

    • Pre-Season - matches are made and communicated to both parties.

    • Weeks 1 to 2 - initial contact is made between adviser and mentee/protege (a kickoff guide will be sent to all participants at this time).

    • Weeks 1 to 15 - communication between the adviser and mentee/protege will continue throughout the season.