2021 Line of Scrimmage Outline by Zack Marble

Line of Scrimmage Clinic


Zack Marble


  • Every crew will be using the new mechanic this season which you might not have used yet

  • LJ on the R restraining line

  • HL on the R 30-yard line

  • Counting is still the same

  • What if there is penalty?

  • How does this affect our movement after the ball is kicked?

  • Always be ready for the onside kick

  • Never miss a block below the waist


  • Make sure you are following a pre-snap routine

  • Give your upfield foot to help receivers with alignment

    • I use it to help judge shifts

  • Read the formation and try to make it legal

  • Need to always know what the current line to gain is

    • I yell it to the chains when I am setting them

Scrimmage Play

  • Know what your vision pattern is on a wide play to your side

  • Your vision pattern on wide plays to the other side is different

  • We need to determine accurate progress spots

  • Use cross-field mechanics to get the correct spot whenever needed

  • Help your umpire out by mirroring spots and holding until released

  • Know your vision pattern on pass plays

  • On every pass judge if it is forward or backward, beyond or behind

  • Be ready to rule receivers inbounds or out of bounds, communicate with BJ when needed

Coach Communication

  • The communication that line of scrimmage officials have with coaches can make or break a game

  • Always make sure you have a chance to introduce yourself before the game

  • Be approachable to coaches, sometimes they are just venting, but answer any questions that are asked

  • Try to give them information before they even ask for it

Crew Communication

  • Make sure you understand how the crew will use radios

  • Line of scrimmage signals are optional

  • Always confirm with another official if you have flags on the same action

  • Make sure you know how your referee want penalties reported, and do it, don’t be in a rush

  • Confirm that penalties is enforced correctly

Situational Awareness

  • Sense the demeanor of the teams and any rising tension amongst players

  • Aware of timeout situation

  • Be ready in hurry up offense

  • Handle a blowout game, letting it end