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  1. Have the HEAD LINESMAN and chain crew bring in the chains.

  2. Indicate the spot for the HEAD LINESMAN to place the clip prior to extending the forward stake to the line to gain. Move to the forward stake to rule on the line to gain.

  3. If first down, signal. If not first down, signal down and distance. If the ball is in a side zone, the REFEREE shall use the chains to place the ball at the inbound spot.

  4. When the chains are in place, mark the ball ready for play, wind clock or no wind depending on the status of the clock before the official’s time out.


  1. Alert covering officials if it is close.

  2. Hold the ball steady for the measurement. Your back is toward Team B’s goal line.

  3. Spot the ball at the inbounds spot if a first down.


  1. To measure, instruct box person to place box at the forward stake.

  2. Ensure the clip is on the proper five-yard line and securely fastened to the chain.

  3. Holding the clip, jog onto the field with the chain crew and place the clip at the spot on the field indicated by the

  4. If first down, drop clip, move to the sideline, and mark the spot. If not a first down, return clip to the correct spot on the sideline.

  5. If there is a possibility that the down may be replayed due to an inadvertent whistle or when penalty enforcement is involved, the box shall remain at the previous spot.


Take the forward stake from the chain crew and stretch the chain after the HEAD LINESMAN declares the chain is set and the REFEREE is in a position to observe.


  1. Stand with the box during the measurement.

  2. Correctly reset the box when the measurement is completed.