How do I get paid?

Youth Football: Most sites ask that you sign in before your first game. During halftime of your last game, go to the appropriate person for payment. Some pay by check and some pay in cash. For most leagues, if you get a check, cash it as soon as possible.

High School: Some pay by check on the field, RefPay and others pay by mail. Most schools have you sign a pay sheet, you will then receive a check from the school’s financial secretary within two weeks. Delay in payments may occur if it involves a year-round school or a game is worked near a holiday.

Currently, the only schools not on RefPay are the Avocado, Valley and Palomar Conferences. The Escondido School District may be on RefPay for the 2021 season.

Note: It is important to maintain a professional and respectful demeanor when speaking with any school administrator. 

If no payment is received within a reasonable time, refer the issue to your Crew Chief who should call the financial secretary. If the problem continues, the matter should be forwarded to Tom Ables (assignment secretary).