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SDCFOA Observer Program

List of Characteristics and Events

This list is meant to help the observer as they conduct a scheduled observation for the SDCFOA.  It is hoped the list is a helpful reminder of the wide array of possible characteristics and events which may be available for observation and comment.  In some cases, the characteristic or event may not be observable so comments in that area would not be appropriate.  The expectation is that the observer is comprehensive, predominantly positive, honest, and accurate.  The goal is to hold the crew chief accountable for leadership, and the crew members accountable to the SDCFOA mechanics and philosophies.

The Crew Chief:

  • Making a great 1st impression – includes fitness & athleticism

  • as a teacher

  • sharing expectations

  • balancing praise and criticism

  • elements of weekly routine and mid-week communication

  • comprehensive pre-game with crew involvement

    • weekly bull

    • individual and crew goals

    • rules quiz

    • weekly instructional video, calibration video, and crew cut ups

    • scouting report on teams, players, coaches and the nature of this game.

    • crew discussion led by each official regarding aspects of the game relative to their position.

The Crew:

  • great first impression – includes fitness, athleticism & hustle

  • organized and participating

  • punctuality

  • management of chain crew

  • restricted area enforced

  • awareness of timer & timing

  • official’s time outs < 1:00

  • Penalty enforcement –

    • Signaling

    • Process time

    • Coordinated march off

    • Clock accuracy

  • Crew communication – verbal & non-verbal

  • halftime discussion

  • post-game discussion

The Game Mechanics:

  • Pre-Game warmups

  • Coin Toss

  • Free Kick alignment, coverage & signaling

    • Change of possession ball mechanics

  • Scrimmage Running Plays – pre-snap routine

    • Down & distance plus line to gain

    • Line of scrimmage fouls

    • Run Zone Responsibilities

    • Progress spots

    • Dead ball officiating & focus

    • BJ movement into side zones – dead ball support

    • Ball mechanics

  • Scrimmage Passing Plays – initial keys

    • Positioning & cushion

    • Man-zone-ball

    • Good “no-calls”

    • Ball mechanics & relaying the ball

  • Declaring a 1st Down or Declaring the Next Down

  • Scrimmage Kicks – positioning & communication

    • Positioning and coverage during the kick play

  • PAT & Field Goal – positioning & communication

    • Signaling and dead ball officiating

  • Quarter Changes – all recording

  • Overtime

    • Pre-overtime dead ball period

    • Count toss

  • Communication with head coach

    • Flank officials

    • Referee when needed

    • Fly by at quarter or halftime

  • Handling of odd or unusual circumstances

  • Crew member steps up – crew saver