Uniform & Equipment

Officials shall purchase and maintain their uniforms and equipment. Officials will be required to wear the uniform as indicated. Uniform, including shoes, should appear clean. Assigned Referee or Crew Chief notifies the crew of the option. ALL must be uniform.

  • Black football cap (fitted) with white piping. Referees wear solid white baseball cap. Micro-mesh caps may be used at all levels.

  • Black and white vertically striped (2 ¼”), short and long sleeve knit shirt or micro-mesh shirt with black knit cuff and collar.

  • An American Flag (3 ½” by 2”) shall be imprinted or sewed on to the shirt ½” above the pocket.

  • T-shirts and turtlenecks (for cold weather games) should be black with no letters or photos that may be seen through uniform.

  • A High School crew must wear the NFHS black with white stripes uniform pants at all levels.

  • All black belt with non-descript buckle. Belt must also be worn with shorts.

  • All black shorts may be worn for youth games. They may not be worn on or after November 1st or any youth playoff games.

  • Black crew length or longer socks must be worn with the pants.

  • Black football shoes with black shoelaces. (Shoes may have some white markings)

  • No jewelry. (Wedding rings and medical alert bracelets are an exception)

  • Wristwatch with countdown timer.

  • Sunglasses or photo gray lenses may be worn when working any daytime football games provided the sunglasses comply with the official regulations. 

The following equipment is required to be carried by all game officials, unless noted by position.

  • Whistle (Fox 40) with all black lanyard or finger whistle

  • Game card and pencil

  • Down indicator

  • Penalty flag

  • Chain Clip (Head Linesman)

  • Beanbag (Blue or White) 2 is recommended.

  • Earpiece for O2O’s

  • O2O Midland radio (might be provided by Crew Chief)

  • Coin

For your convenience, product and ordering information for six different suppliers is presented below. The SDCFOA does not specifically endorse any one supplier. Please note that there are special instructions required to take advantage of certain discounts.

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