College: 1-4-4

SECTION 4. Players and Playing Equipment

Specifications: Mandatory Equipment


a. Helmets.

1. The helmet must be fitted with a facemask and a secured four- or six-point chin strap, all points of which must be secured whenever the ball is in play.

2. Helmets for all players of a team must be of the same color and design.

3. Helmets must carry a warning label regarding the risk of injury and a manufacturer’s or reconditioner’s certification indicating satisfaction of National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) test standards. Reconditioned helmets shall show recertification to indicate satisfaction with the NOCSAE test standard.

b. Hip Pads. Hip pads must include a tailbone protector.

c. Jersey. See Rule 1-4-5

d. Knee Pads. Knee pads must be covered by pants. Furthermore, the pants and knee pads must cover the knees. No pads or protective equipment may be worn outside the pants. (See Appendix E)

e. Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece must be an intra-oral device of any readily visible color. It must not be white or transparent. It must be made with FDA-approved base materials (FDCS) and cover all upper teeth. It is recommended that the mouthpiece be properly fitted.

f. Pants. Players of a team must wear pants of the same color and design.

g. Shoulder pads. There are no specifications for shoulder pads. (See Appendix E)

h. Socks. Players of a team must wear socks or leg coverings that are identical in color and design (Exceptions: Unaltered knee braces, tape or a bandage to protect or prevent an injury, and barefoot kickers).

Approved Ruling 1-4-4 I. A player or players of a team wear tights that cover their legs. RULING: Legal. For those players that wear tights, they must be of the same design and color.

i. Thigh guards. There are no specifications for thigh guards. (See Appendix E)