College: 1-4-5b

SECTION 4. Players and Playing Equipment

Jersey Design, Color and Numerals


b. Color.

1. Players of opposing teams shall wear jerseys of contrasting colors. Players on the same team shall wear jerseys of the same color and design.

2. The visiting team shall wear white jerseys; however, the home team may wear white jerseys if the teams have agreed in writing before the season.

3. If the home team wears colored jerseys, the visiting team may also wear colored jerseys, if and only if the following two conditions have been satisfied

a. The home team has agreed in writing prior to the game; and

b. The conference of the home team certifies that the jersey of the visiting team is of a contrasting color.

4. If on the kickoff at the start of each half, if either team wears a colored jersey in violation of the conditions specified in paragraph 3, it is a foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.

PENALTY—Administer as a dead-ball foul. 15 yards at the succeeding spot following the kickoff. If the kickoff is returned for a touchdown, the penalty is assessed either on the try or on the succeeding kickoff, at the option of the offended team. [S27] In addition, Officials shall charge a team timeout at the start of each quarter the illegal jerseys are worn, or a foul for delay of the game if all timeouts have been used.

5. If a colored jersey contains white, it may appear only as any of the items listed in paragraph a-2 above.

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 III. Both teams come onto the field before the game wearing colored jerseys. The visiting team has not obtained written agreement from the home team to wear other than white jerseys, or if such agreement has been obtained the home team’s conference has not certified that the jerseys are of contrasting colors. RULING: Foul by the visiting team for violation of the jersey-color rule. After the ball is marked ready for play for the opening kickoff, the referee charges the visiting team with a timeout for illegal jerseys. In addition, there will be a 15-yard penalty at the succeeding spot following the kickoff starting each half. If the kickoff is returned for a touchdown, the penalty is assessed either on the try or at the succeeding kickoff. For each quarter that they continue to wear the jerseys, the team is charged with a timeout after the ball is declared ready for play and before the ball is put in play for the first play of that quarter. If a team has no timeouts remaining, a delay of game penalty will be enforced. (1-4-5b)