College: 1-4-6d

SECTION 4. Players and Playing Equipment

Optional Equipment

ARTICLE 6. The following items are legal:

d. Insignia.

1. Persons or events may be memorialized by an insignia with an area not greater than 16 square inches on the uniform or helmet.

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 IV. A player writes or paints advertisements, messaging and/or inscriptions on their shoes and plans to wear them during the game. RULING: Not allowed by rule. Appendix E, A11 allows for uniforms and all other items of apparel to bear only a single manufacturer’s or distributor’s normal label or trademark not to exceed 2.25 square inches in area. To allow the student athlete’s voice to be heard, the Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) has expanded the size of the insignia patch to 16 square inches to allow players to celebrate or memorialize persons, events or social justice causes (Rule 1-4-6d). Additionally, the student athlete as authorized by the institution or conference, is allowed other names/words intended to celebrate or memorialize persons, events, or other causes on the back of the jersey/ uniform where the player’s name is traditionally located. The names/words may vary by team member.

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 VII. A player enters the field during pre-game warmups after the officials’ jurisdiction begins wearing a tee shirt with (a) an advertisement with the shirt including a number that is readily visible; (b) a social justice message with the shirt including a number that is readily visible; (c) no number readily visible. RULING: The tee shirt in (a) is not allowed by rule as advertisements are not allowed on the uniform or any items of apparel (Exception – Post-season game as outlined in Rule 1-4-5); (b) legal; (c) not allowed as per Rule 3-1-1c. There is no yardage penalty for (a) and (c) but the player must leave the playing enclosure. Officials are encouraged to seek out the Head Coach, Equipment Manager or Game Management to take the appropriate action.

2. Institutional decals are allowed on helmets.