College: 1-4-7

SECTION 4. Players and Playing Equipment

Illegal Equipment

ARTICLE 7. Illegal equipment includes the following (See Appendix E for additional details):

a. Equipment worn by a player that could endanger other players.

b. Tape or any bandage other than that used to protect an injury, subject to the approval of the umpire.

c. Hard, abrasive or unyielding equipment that is not completely covered and padded, subject to the approval of the umpire.

d. Cleats that extend more than ½ inch from the base of the shoe (See Appendix E for full specifications). (Rule 9-2-2f)

e. Any equipment that could confuse or deceive an opponent.

f. Any equipment that could provide an unfair advantage to any player.

g. Adhesive material, paint, grease or any other slippery substance applied to equipment or a player’s person, clothing or attachment [Exception: Eye shade. (Rule 1-4-6e)].

h. Uniform attachments other than towels (Rule 1-4-6a).

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 V. Each member of the offensive line is wearing a towel, all of which are white, 4” by 12”, with a small team logo. The snapper’s towel also has a large skull-and-cross-bones symbol. RULING: It is legal for any player to wear a towel. The towels are all legal except the snapper’s. He must leave the game for at least one down and may not return until the towel is removed or replaced with one that is legal. Team A may keep him in the game by using a charged timeout, but he may not wear the illegal towel. (Rules 1-4-6a and 1-4-8)

i. Rib pads, shoulder pad attachments and back protectors that are not totally covered. 

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 II. At the end of a down, B55’s shoulder pad has become exposed and is not covered by the jersey. RULING: Illegal equipment. Because the pad became exposed through play, B55 is not required to leave the game. The pad must be covered by the jersey before the ball is next put into play.

j. Visible bandannas worn on the field outside the team area.

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 I. A33 is wearing a bandanna under his helmet, with part of the bandanna protruding from underneath the back of the helmet. RULING: Illegal equipment. Bandannas may be worn under the helmet as long as no part of the bandanna is visible when the helmet is in place. The visible bandanna is considered a uniform attachment (1-4-7h). A33 must leave the game for at least one down and may not returned until the bandanna is removed or completely hidden under the helmet. Team A may request a team timeout, if one is available, to prevent A33 from missing a down, but the bandanna must be hidden or removed.

k. Jerseys that do not conform with Rule 1-4-5.

l. Non-standard overbuilt facemask.

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 IV. As Team A is about to break its huddle, the Referee notices that A35 is wearing an overbuilt facemask. RULING: A35 must leave the game for one down to get a legal facemask. Team A may use an available charged timeout in order that A35 not miss a down, but he may not play with the illegal facemask.