College: 1-4-7h

SECTION 4. Players and Playing Equipment

Illegal Equipment

ARTICLE 7. Illegal equipment includes the following (See Appendix E for additional details):

h. Uniform attachments other than towels (Rule 1-4-6a).

Approved Ruling 1-4-7 V. Each member of the offensive line is wearing a towel, all of which are white, 4” by 12”, with a small team logo. The snapper’s towel also has a large skull-and-cross-bones symbol. RULING: It is legal for any player to wear a towel. The towels are all legal except the snapper’s. He must leave the game for at least one down and may not return until the towel is removed or replaced with one that is legal. Team A may keep him in the game by using a charged timeout, but he may not wear the illegal towel. (Rules 1-4-6a and 1-4-8)