College: 10-1-6

SECTION 1. Penalties Completed

Live-Ball—Dead-Ball Fouls


a. Live-ball fouls do not offset dead-ball fouls.

b. When a live-ball foul by one team is followed by one or more dead-ball fouls (including live-ball fouls treated as dead-ball fouls) by an opponent or by the same team, the penalties are administered separately and in the order of occurrence.

Approved Ruling 10-1-6 I. Team A punts and is illegally in motion at the snap. The untouched ball goes out of bounds between the goal lines, after which Team B commits a personal foul. RULING: Possible options: (1) If Team B elects to replay the down, Team A will be penalized five yards at the previous spot followed by a 15-yard penalty against Team B, which includes an automatic first down. (2) Team B could decline the illegal-motion penalty and have the ball, first and 10 after a 15-yard penalty from the out-of-bounds spot. (3) Team B could accept the five-yard penalty enforced at the out of bounds spot (Rule 6-3-13) followed by the 15-yard penalty against Team B. In all options, the clock starts on the snap (Rule 3-3-2d-8).

Approved Ruling 10-1-6 II. Ball carrier B17 at Team A’s 11-yard line taunts pursuing A55 before scoring a touchdown on an intercepted pass. After B17 crosses the goal line, he is tackled by A55 five yards into the end zone. RULING: Unsportsmanlike conduct by B17 and A55. Both penalties are enforced. The penalty for B17’s live-ball foul is enforced at the A-11, and that for the dead-ball foul by A55 is enforced at the succeeding spot. First and 10 for Team B at the A-13.

Approved Ruling 10-1-6 III. B1 fouls during a down before B2 intercepts a legal forward pass. After the ball is declared dead, A1 piles on. RULING: Team A retains the ball after the penalty against Team B is enforced. Team A then will be penalized for the dead-ball foul (Rule 5-2-3).

Approved Ruling 10-1-6 IV. Team B is offside on the snap at its three-yard line (not a try) and Team A throws a legal forward pass into Team B’s end zone. Team B intercepts and runs 101 yards to Team A’s end zone, after which Team A clips. RULING: Repeat the down with Team A putting the ball in play at the Team B 16-1/2-yard line.

Approved Ruling 10-1-6 V. No fouls have occurred when Team B intercepts Team A’s legal forward pass. On the runback, a Team B player clips. When the ball becomes dead, a Team A player piles on. RULING: Team B retains possession. Team B for its clipping foul, followed by a penalty for Team A’s dead-ball foul. The yardages will cancel unless one enforcement spot was inside the 30-yard line and enforcement was toward that goal.

Approved Ruling 10-1-6 VI. Team A punts and commits a touching violation. B1 clips during the runback of the punt, which is fumbled by B2. A1 recovers the fumble, and A2 fouls after the ball is dead. RULING: Team A has the first option because Team B fouled during the live ball. If Team A declines the penalty for Team B’s foul, Team B will have the ball at the point of the violation, along with the option of accepting enforcement of the penalty for Team A’s dead-ball foul. If Team A accepts the penalty for Team B’s foul, the ball will belong to Team B after enforcement of the penalty for its live-ball foul followed by the penalty against Team A for the dead-ball foul.