Rule 11 The Officials: Jurisdiction and Duties

SECTION 1. Jurisdiction

ARTICLE 1. The officials’ jurisdiction begins 90 minutes before the scheduled kickoff and ends when the referee declares the score final [S14]. It is expected that a minimum of three officials will take the field at 90 minutes before kickoff. All officials will be on the field at 40 minutes prior to kickoff.

ARTICLE 2. At 90 minutes before kickoff the playing field will be divided into an “L-shaped” configuration with the 30 yard-lines forming the “L” (See Appendix D). No later than 40 minutes before kickoff, the configuration will change to the “Buffer Zone” configuration, and no player shall enter the 10-yard buffer zone between the 45 yard-lines (See Appendix D).

ARTICLE 3. When the field is available to players as determined by game management during the halftime intermission, the playing field will be divided into an “L-shaped” configuration with the 30 yard-lines forming the “L” (See Appendix D).

SECTION 2. Responsibilities


a. The game shall be played under the supervision of five, six, seven or eight officials.

b. Officiating crews, including the Instant Replay Official, will be assigned from the same officiating organization (effective August 1, 2020).

ARTICLE 2. Officiating responsibilities and mechanics are specified in the current edition of the Football Officials Manual, published annually under the jurisdiction of the Collegiate Commissioners Association and College Football Officiating, LLC (CFO). Officials are responsible for knowing and applying the material in the Manual.