College: 12-3-6

SECTION 3. Reviewable Plays

As a general rule, the position of the ball in relation to the goal line is always reviewable by instant replay.


ARTICLE 6. Situations that may be addressed by the replay official:

a. The number of players on the field for either team during a live ball.

b. Clock adjustment and status when a ruling is reviewed and overturned with less than two minutes in the 2nd quarter or with less than two minutes in the 4th quarter.

c. With less than one minute in either half and a replay review results in the on-field ruling being overturned, and the correct ruling would not have stopped the game clock, then the clock will be reset to the time the ball is declared dead by replay. The referee will subtract 10 seconds from the game clock and the game clock will start on the referee’s signal. Either team may use a team timeout to avoid the runoff.

d. Clock adjustment at the end of any quarter.

If the game clock expires at the end of any quarter, either during a down in which it should be stopped by rule through play when the ball becomes dead or after the down upon a request for an available team timeout, the replay official may restore time only under these conditions:

1. The replay official has indisputable video evidence that time should have remained on the game clock when the ball became dead or when the team timeout was granted;

2. If time expires in a half, and the clock would start on the Referee’s signal after review, there must be at least 3 seconds remaining when the ball should have been declared dead to restore time to the clock. With 2 seconds or 1 second remaining on the clock, the half is over unless Team A has a time out remaining (This does not impact situations when the clock is stopped and will remain stopped until the snap such as an incomplete pass or a ball carrier out of bounds.);

3. In the fourth quarter only, to restore time, the score differential must be eight points or less (after a touchdown, all potential results of the try down must be considered);

4. The replay official’s video evidence includes the timeout signal by an official in the case where the game clock should have stopped for a requested team timeout.

e. Correcting the number of a down.

1. This includes the result of a penalty enforcement that includes an automatic first down or loss of down.

2. The correction may be made at any time within that series of downs or before the ball is legally put in play after that series.

f. Any person who is not a player interfering with live-ball action occurring in the field of play (Rule 9-2-3).

g. An injured player at the initiation of the medical observer.