College: 2-16-4b, c

SECTION 16. Kicks; Kicking the Ball

Place Kick


b. A tee is a device that elevates the ball for kicking purposes. It may not elevate the ball’s lowest point more than one inch above the ground. If utilized, a tee must be in contact with the ball for the kick to be legal.

Approved Ruling 2-16-4 I. On a free kick to start a game, the kicker uses the toe of a teammate for a tee or builds a tee with a mound of dirt or sod. RULING: Illegal kick. Dead-ball foul. Penalty—Five yards from the succeeding spot.

c. A free kick place kick is a kick by a player of the team in possession while the ball is positioned on a tee or the ground. It may be controlled by a teammate. The ball may be positioned on the ground and contacting the tee.