College: 3-1-3g 1-2

SECTION 1. Start of Each Period Pregame, First and Third Periods

Extra Periods

ARTICLE 3. The NCAA tiebreaker system will be used when a game is tied after four periods. NCAA football-playing rules apply, with the following exceptions:

g. Fouls after a change of team possession:

1. Penalties against either team are declined by rule in extra periods. (Exceptions: Penalties for flagrant personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, dead-ball personal fouls and live-ball fouls treated as dead-ball fouls are enforced on the succeeding play.)

2. A score by a team committing a foul during the down is canceled. (Exception: Live-ball foul treated as a dead-ball foul.)

Approved Ruling 3-1-3 XI. After the end of the first possession series by Team A, Team B commits a dead-ball foul. RULING: Team B starts its possession series on the 40-yard line, first and 10.

Approved Ruling 3-1-3 XII. During the first possession series of a period, A12 throws a forward pass and Team A is flagged for an illegal shift. B25 intercepts the pass, and B38 a) clips or (b) commits a flagrant personal foul before B25 crosses Team A’s goal line. RULING: Score not allowed. The fouls cancel and the down is not repeated. Team A’s possession series is ended, and a) Team B begins its possession series at the 25-yard line; b) B38 is ejected and Team B begins its possession series at the 40-yard line.

Approved Ruling 3-1-3 XIII. During the second possession series of a period, B25 intercepts a pass and carries the ball across Team A’s goal line. During the run, B79 clips at midfield. RULING: No touchdown. Either the game is over, or the next period will start with first and 10 at the 25-yard line, since the penalty is not carried over.