College: 3-1-3h

SECTION 1. Start of Each Period Pregame, First and Third Periods

Extra Periods

ARTICLE 3. The NCAA tiebreaker system will be used when a game is tied after four periods. NCAA football-playing rules apply, with the following exceptions:

h. Timeouts. Each team shall be allowed one timeout for each extra period. (Rule 3-3-7) Timeouts not used during the regulation periods may not be carried over into the extra period(s). Unused extra-period timeouts may not be carried over to other extra periods. Timeouts between periods shall be charged to the succeeding period.

Radio and television timeouts are permitted only between extra periods (first and second, second and third, etc.). Charged team timeouts may not be extended for radio and television purposes. The extra period(s) begins when the ball is first snapped.

In the absence of a media timeout, after the second and fourth extra period, there will be a two-minute mandatory break period.

Approved Ruling 3-1-3 XIV. During the first possession series B37 intercepts a forward pass and has a clear field to the goal line when he makes an obscene gesture toward the nearest opponent. RULING: Team B’s score is canceled and the penalty is carried over. Team B begins its possession series on the 40-yard line, first and 10 (Rules 3-1-3 and 3-1-3g-1 and 2).