College: 3-4-2

SECTION 4. Delays/Clock Tactics

Illegal Delay of the Game


a. The officials shall make the ball ready for play consistently throughout the game. The play clock will start its count-down from either 40 seconds or 25 seconds, by rule depending on circumstances. A foul for illegal delay occurs if the play clock is at :00 before the ball is put in play (Rule 3-2-4).

b. Illegal delay also includes:

1. Deliberately advancing the ball after it is dead.

2. When a team has expended its three timeouts and commits a Rule 9-2-2f infraction.

3. When a team is not ready to play after an intermission between periods, after a score, after a radio/television/team timeout or anytime the referee orders the ball put in play.

Approved Ruling 3-4-2 I. After any timeout, one of the teams is not ready to play. RULING: Illegal delay. Penalty—Five yards from the succeeding spot.

4. Defensive verbal tactics that disconcert offensive signals (Rule 7-1-5a-5).

5. Defensive actions designed to cause a false start (Rule 7-1-5a-4).

6. Putting the ball in play before it is ready for play (Rule 4-1-4).

7. Sideline interference (Rule 9-2-5).

8. Action clearly designed to delay the officials from making the ball ready for play.

Approved Ruling 3-4-2 II. On a running play late in the half the Team A ball carrier is tackled inbounds. Team B players are deliberately slow to “unpile” in an obvious attempt to consume time and prevent the officials from making the ball ready for play. RULING: Team B foul for delay of game. Penalty—five yards at the succeeding spot. The game clock will start on the snap (Rule 3-4-3).

PENALTY—Dead-ball foul. Five yards from the succeeding spot [S7 and S21].