College: 4-2-3

SECTION 2. Out of Bounds

Loose Ball Out of Bounds


a. A ball not in player control, other than a kick that scores a field goal, is out of bounds when it touches the ground, a player, a game official or anything else that is out of bounds, or that is on or outside a boundary line.

b. A ball that touches a pylon is out of bounds behind the goal line.

c. If a live ball not in player possession crosses a boundary line and then is declared out of bounds, it is out of bounds at the crossing point.

Approved Ruling 4-2-3 I. A88 is airborne and secures firm control of A12’s forward pass. A88’s right foot lands inbounds and he maintains firm control of the ball as he contacts the ground. B28, who is standing out of bounds, has his hand touching the ball while A88 is airborne and in firm control of the ball. RULING: Completed forward pass.