College: 5-2-6

SECTION 2. Down and Possession After a Penalty

Foul Between Downs

ARTICLE 6. After a distance penalty incurred between downs, the number of the next down shall be the same as that established before the foul occurred, unless enforcement for a foul by Team B leaves the ball on or beyond the line to gain or a penalty mandates a first down (Rule 9-1).

Approved Ruling 5-2-6 I. Fourth and two on Team A’s 35-yard line. A1 takes the snap and fumbles the ball on Team A’s 38-yard line, with the ball going out of bounds on (a) Team A’s 40-yard line or (b) Team A’s 30-yard line. Immediately after the ball goes out of bounds, Team A commits a personal foul. RULING: (a) Team A’s ball, first and 10 on Team A’s 23-yard line. Start the clock on the ready-for-play signal. (b) Team B’s ball, first and 10 on Team A’s 15-yard line. Start the clock on the snap.

Approved Ruling 10-1-5 I. With fourth and eight, Team A gains four yards and the ball is declared dead, after which B1 is called for piling on. RULING: Team B personal foul. Penalty—15 yards from the succeeding spot. First and 10 for Team B (Rule 5-1-1c). The clock starts on the snap.

Approved Ruling 10-1-5 II. A personal foul occurs during action after a snap infraction that was made before the ball was ready for play. RULING: Every effort should be made to prevent any such premature snap and resulting action, but if such a foul does occur, it is between downs. Both penalties are enforced. If the personal foul is by Team B, there is likely a net of 10 yards for Team A. The penalty for Team B’s foul carries an automatic first down.

Approved Ruling 10-1-5 III. Second and goal at the three-yard line. Ball carrier A14 is downed at the one-yard line and then B67 piles on. A14 retaliates by punching B67. RULING: The penalties cancel since neither has been completed. A14 is ejected for fighting. Third and goal (Rule 10-1-1).