College: 6-1-4

SECTION 1. Free Kicks

Forced Touching Disregarded


a. A player blocked by an opponent into a free kick is not, while inbounds, deemed to have touched the kick. 

Approved Ruling 2-11-4 I. A punt is rolling along the ground near players A44 and B27 who are engaged. (a) The ball bounces against the B27’s leg and is then recovered by A55 at the B-35. (b) A44 blocks B27 into the ball which is then recovered by A55 at the B-35. RULING: (a) Team A’s ball, first and 10 at the B-35. The ball rolled into B27’s leg but A44’s contact did not cause him to touch the ball. Not forced touching. (b) Forced touching because the block by A44 caused B27 to touch the ball. Illegal touching by A55. Team B’s ball at that point.

b. An inbounds player touched by a ball either batted or illegally kicked by an opponent is not deemed to have touched the ball. (Rule 2-11-4c)