College: 6-5-4

SECTION 5. Fair Catch

Illegal Block or Contact

ARTICLE 4. A player of Team B who has made a valid or invalid signal for a fair catch and does not touch the ball shall not block or foul an opponent during that down.

PENALTY—Free kick: Receiving team’s ball 10 yards from the spot of the foul [S40]. Scrimmage kick: 15 yards, post-scrimmage kick enforcement [S40]. If a personal foul is committed in conjunction with this action, the penalty is 15 yards and flagrant offenders shall be ejected or disqualified.

Approved Ruling 6-5-4 I. B1 gives either a valid or invalid fair catch signal and does not touch a punt. While the untouched ball is loose in the field of play, he blocks an opponent (a) in the field of play beyond the neutral zone or (b) in Team B’s end zone. RULING: (a) If the ball crosses the neutral zone and Team B has possession when the down ends, Team B is penalized 10 yards from the post-scrimmage kick enforcement spot. (b) Safety. The ruling is the same on an unsuccessful field goal attempt.

Approved Ruling 6-5-4 II. B1 signals at the 50-yard line and does not touch a punt. While the ball is rolling on the ground at Team B’s 45-yard line, B1 illegally uses his hands in an attempt to get to the ball, and the ball is declared dead in Team B’s possession. RULING: Penalty—10 yards, post-scrimmage kick enforcement. The ball belongs to Team B (Rule 10-2-3).