College: 7-1-2b-4c

SECTION 1. The Scrimmage

Shift and False Start


b. False Start. Each of the following is a false start by Team A if it occurs prior to the snap after the ball is ready for play and all players are in scrimmage formation:

4. An offensive player making any quick, jerky movement before the snap, including but not limited to:

(c) The quarterback making any quick, jerky movement that simulates the beginning of a play.

Approved Ruling 7-1-2 II. Ten Team A players shift while A1 remains stationary. A1 then starts moving backward before one second elapses and the ball is snapped. RULING: If A1, who moved, did not halt with the other Team A players for one second before the snap, it is a dead-ball foul at the snap for a false start. Penalty—Five yards from the succeeding spot.

Approved Ruling 7-1-2 III. After the Team A players have stopped for one second, end A88 runs wide and stops, and before one second elapses, back A36 starts moving backward. RULING: Legal. But if back A36 starts before end A88 stops, the simultaneous movement of two players constitutes a shift, and all Team A players must be stationary for one second before the snap (Rule 2-22-1).

Approved Ruling 7-1-2 IV. Team A is in a no-huddle offense and is moving to the line when the ball is made ready for play. Although some players settle into their positions and stop, at least one player never stops and is still moving when the ball is snapped. RULING: Dead-ball foul: Illegal shift that converts to a false start. Team A never satisfied the one-second rule before the snap. Officials should shut the play down and penalize Team A five yards.

Approved Ruling 7-1-2 V. Team A has 3rd and 3 at the B-40. QB A12 is in shotgun formation, (a) makes a fake clap standing in position; (b) makes a fake clap while chucking his shoulders and hands forward in an exaggerated motion simulating the start of the play. RULING: Rule 7-1-2b-4c states that it is a false start if the quarterback makes any quick, jerky movement that simulates the start of the play. In (a) no foul; (b) false start on A12.

Approved Ruling 7-1-2 VI. 1st and 10 @ A25. Defender B70 is lined up with his right hand and helmet in the neutral zone. As the play clock winds down, restricted lineman A77 reaches out and touches B70. Ruling: Dead ball foul, false start by A77 resulting in 1st and 15 @ A20.In this play the defense is lined up in the neutral zone, and there is no immediate reaction by the offense, and then the offense subsequently moves to touch or contact the defender and is a false start on the offense (Rule 7-1-2b-3)